Imposter Syndrome and How to Deal with It

Imagine a scenario where you’ve accomplished more in the past year than most people do in three years. You’re becoming well-known in your area of expertise and are beginning to reap the rewards of your talents and hard work. Sounds great, but something just doesn’t feel right.  You can’t seem to shake the feeling that your clients, peers, and others…

What Is The Status Quo? And Why Do People Get Addicted To It?

The dictionary definition of “status quo” is “the existing state of things.” It’s something we routinely accept as the way things are. And it becomes so normal that you stop thinking about it. Until, that is, it starts damaging you in ways that you may not realize. And even when you do start sensing the damage, it can be hard…

We All Face Adversity. Often, How We Respond Makes It Worse.

I love practicing law but I have made the shift to coach service professionals by helping them understand how to face the many challenges of existing professionally in our current world. We talk about adversity, often at length because every professional faces adversity. How you handle that adversity can make or break you not only professionally but also personally. And…

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