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Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Burmeister is a force to be reckoned with. She is the “go-to” coach for seasoned, female lawyers when they are feeling exhausted, depleted, and disconnected from their work and life. With 15 years in the legal field, Kathryn has been there, done that, and pivoted to happiness. Today, female lawyers flock to her as their trusted advisor when they are on the edge of burnout and need actionable tools to fall back in love with their life.

After practicing law for a couple of years, Kathryn’s law partner committed suicide. She then started her own successful litigation firm. Despite her accomplishments, Kathryn felt unfulfilled. A few years later, she made the decision to pivot. Today, she is dedicated to supporting seasoned, female lawyers reach their full potential through intentional coaching, connection, and the use of proven tools.

Kathryn spends her free time on self-development by listening to podcasts and reading scientific journals while also making time for self-care. Her favorite way to spend a Saturday is walking trails with her dog, an enriching brunch with close girlfriends, relaxing with her cats, and a long dinner with her husband.






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